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Do you find yourself drowning in paperwork and administrative tasks? Invoices in a bit of a mess with the outstanding ones piling up? Manchester's Life PA could be just what you are looking for...

With solutions tailored for your business needs, we can organise your office paperwork, manage your email accounts and diary, create a social media presence for your business and much more. All leaving you to spend your time much more productively – doing your job and more importantly generating your income!

Working remotely, we are a cost effective way to get the assistance you need, literally when you need it. You may require ongoing help or maybe just a one off helping hand. Life PA offers all of this without the need to employ extra staff. We work every day with our small independent businesses and understand the need for sensitivity and confidentiality. You're in safe hands with us. With very competitive market rates why not see if we can help you? Click here...


Life PA - organisation


Organisation has to be one of the most important aspects of running a small business. How would you feel if someone was to organise all of your paperwork and client lists? It would enable you to spend a lot more time ‘doing your job’ and also help you to have a much more proactive approach in dealing with responsibilities and tasks with fewer interruptions and distractions.

However, we don’t stop with paperwork.We can organise your appointments, reminders, mailing lists, databases.

In short, we can sort.

Life PA - social media


Most businesses now have a presence on the Internet and realise how important social media is in getting your information out there to your target audience.  

Keeping it simple, we can set you up with a Twitter account, a fantastic way to make yourself known and makes those expensive mail drops a thing of the past!

We can get you chatting on Facebook, linking on Linekdin, pinning on Pinterest and get you blogging.

In short, we can get you communicating.

Life PA clients


We work with a range of clients, from one man/woman bands to national companies: 

Paul Clay, Theatre Consultant
RS Datatech
Simple Netball League
Milly Mog, West Didsbury
The Flower Lounge, Didsbury
MacleodBradley, West Didsbury
The Curtain Fitters, Manchester
Tangerine PR
Choice Home Tutors
KT2.0 Services
University of Leeds
Pocket Allotments

How we work


We’re a little different here at LifePA, and each service is tailored to each individual client's needs. We offer very flexible remote working, so you only pay for the hours that you need us, whether that be just a couple of hours here and there or on a more regular basis. We want to get to know your business and although we’re not in your office be very much a part of your team. That’s the beauty of it: you get the help you need without having to employ someone in a full/part time role!

In short, we're part of your team. See what our clients have to say...


Life PA client, Charcoal Blue


"Jo came to us highly recommended and has exceeded even the glowing terms of her reference! Utterly reliable, punctual, organised and pro-active (an all too-rare attribute), Jo is good humoured and supportive in her service to us. We use her skills for staying on top of our email management, ensuring that our exec team can focus on working with our clients, rather than slaving away in Outlook. She does this with verve and consummate skill and has become a key part of our team, even though she works in another country!" - Andy Hayles, Managing Partner, CharcoalBlue


"Having worked for a long time with Didsbury Life already I had no hesitation to embark on approaching LifePA / WeAreLife to assist with my other work commitments. As ever, it was stress free and such a breeze! No need to tell anyone anything twice and they always just seem to 'get it'!

The world of Didsbury Life and beyond has made running an independent business a lot more hassle free." - Helen Bradley, Macleod Bradley

Life PA client, Macleod Bradley
Life PA client, University of Leeds


"The support Jo provided was invaluable in moving a very difficult project from “it would be nice if we had done that” to “done”! Jo’s willingness to learn about a novel subject area and quickly understand the requirements of the project was exemplary; attributes that are hard to find.

Jo was a pleasure to deal with and always willing to adapt as the project’s requirements changed. She instilled confidence in me in her abilities and this was exemplified in the excellent work she delivered. I can’t recommend Jo highly enough, if you want a hard working, committed, professional to provide support on any project, you need look no further." - Dr Tim Whitworth, University of Leeds

New Build Inspections

"When I needed some assistance to run my company, Jo at LifePA came to the rescue. She went way beyond my expectations in her background research and understanding of what New Build Inspections does, and that means that when I ask her to do something she knows precisely what is needed. It's this ownership of the admin that leaves me in no doubt - using Life PA was one of the best business decisions I could have made. Before, I would have to stop what I was doing to respond to emails or answer telephone enquires but now Jo takes care of all that for me, so that I can concentrate on doing my job.

The nature of my work means that I need assistance on a very ad-hoc basis; sometimes there's loads to do and other times there isn't. Using a full time assistant would be out of the question, but LifePA's service is very flexible and is exactly what I need." - Stephen Roberts, New Build Inspections

The Flower Lounge

"We all know there are never enough hours in the day to do everything that we would like to do. This is where Life PA come in. Jo has been putting together our monthly newsletters for a few months now and has done a great job. We're getting great feedback from them. Being able to use Life PA as an extra pair of hands as and when needed really helps scale down the ever growing 'to do' list. I would definitely recommend Life PA to others." - Sian Wild, The Flower Lounge

Airy Fairy Cupcakes

"A big #FF and also recommendation of the week goes to @LifePA. Lovely to work with, good results and bang on time! Highly recommended!" - Laura Draper, Airy Fairy Cupcakes- via Twitter

Capital Relations

"Capital Relations is a small company with an agile approach to business. We maximise performance in our work by bringing together the right team, at the right time. In our Knowledge Exchange and Network projects we rely on accurate data, and excellent communication - both online and offline. The support of Life PA has ensured that the 'back end' of our service works seamlessly, and can be scaled up when required. This means that I can focus my own energy and expertise delivering the strategy and detail most valued by our clients. I particularly enjoy working with Jo - who works efficiently and intuitively. After a single briefing, Jo understands just what we need, and is honest and detailed with her time sheet - an efficiency and saving which is passed on to our clients, making everyone happy!" - Coral Grainger, Capital Relations

Feat of Clay

"As a freelance theatre consultant I have three main clients working in three cities on two continents. I live on the train/plane and juggle for a living.

I started working with Jo three months ago and now can't imagine working without her. She calmly looks after my email, diary, travel, hotels and even the occasional crazy request like 'can you send a bunch of flowers on a Saturday to a shipping company in Hong Kong to be on the desk by 9am Monday morning'.

Her efficiency, good humour and willingness to learn a completely new industry make her indispensable to me and I have no reservations in recommending her" - Paul Clay


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